iQTS244 Dry Cut (254 mm) Tile Saw With Integrated Dust Control

  • Cut Ceramics, Porcelain, Marble, Stone
  • TNO Rated 2 hr - Ceramic Tiles Indoors
  • TNO Rated 1 hr - Natural Stone Indoors
  • No water – 100% dry cutting
  • Collect up to 99.5% of the dust
  • Cut Indoor or Outdoor
  • Eliminate dust cleanup and problems

Stop Dealing With The Pain Of Cutting Wet

If you’ve been in the tile business for any amount of time, you know the pain of cutting with water:


Most often a driveway, garage or back yard, outside and away from the job.


Finding a water source, setting up tarps, hoses, buckets and spray guards.


Messy and time-consuming disposal of slurry and contaminated water.

Problems cutting with water are more than just a pain. They cost your business time and money.

The Benefits of Cutting Dry

It’s much more than convenience. Cutting tile without water has a major impact on your speed, your work day, your profitability and your business.


Setup Time


  • Easy transport
  • Plug it in
  • Start cutting

Traditional Wet Saw

  • Find a location
  • Set tarps, hoses, buckets & spray guards
  • Get water everywhere anyway

Cleanup Time


  • Quick breakdown
  • Easy transport
  • No slurry cleanup, no water disposal

Traditional Wet Saw

  • Breaking down your cutting station
  • Cleaning up slurry
  • Disposing of contaminated water

Cutting Location


Where You’re Setting

  • Small spaces and sensitive environments
  • No water source required, no water damage
  • Measure, cut, set—with no walking

Traditional Wet Saw

Not Where You’re Setting

  • Driveways, garages and outdoors
  • Finding a water source
  • Walking back and forth all day

"Fewer steps to the saw, little mess to clean up and faster install means more money, a happier contractor, and happy customers.”

Integrated Dust Collection

iQ 360XR Dust Control Table Saw

Vacuum System

  • Cyclone technology tested to capture 99.5% of dust
  • 2.6 CMM (cubic meter/minute) high output vacuum
  • Saw automatically starts vacuum
iQ 360XR Dust Control Table Saw

Filter System

  • Three-stage filtration
  • QuickSpin filter for easy cleaning
  • 1 Cubic Meter iQ Dura Bond filter
iQ 360XR Dust Containment

Dust Containment

  • Empty dust tray once a day
  • Easy cleanup and recycling
  • TNO Rated 1 hr for natural stone and 2 hrs for ceramic tile
"Commercial installers will go nuts over this! Lots of down time making cuts in different areas and messes with wet saws. It will pay for itself in the first job”

A Dustless Tile Saw With the Precision & Versatility of a Wet Saw

The best tile saw for professional contractors: this 254 mm, dry cut tile saw saves one hour per day or more in costly setup & cleanup time while keeping the operator dry.
best dry cut tile saw

The Best Tile Saw For Professional Contractors

With fully-integrated dust collection technology, this innovative design combines the power of a top of the line tile saw with a powerful cyclonic vacuum.

The result is a dustless tile saw that cuts clean, efficient and precise, with no water, no slurry and virtually no heat—even with hard materials.

Beat The Heat

How does it cut dry without heat problems?

Tile pros know: heat is a factor. So how can you cut tile dry without water cooling the blade?

The answer is Q-Drive blade with Cool Cut Technology.

Our proprietary composition of diamond concentration, metal type, and flange thickness cuts cool while reducing vibration and movement.

  • Engineered to cut tile dry
  • Blade stays cool to the touch
  • No warping or wandering
  • Precision cuts match the quality of a wet blade

Built-In Vacuum
The built-in vacuum on the iQTS244 air-cools the blade while removing debris, so the blade isn’t regrinding the same material, reducing friction and heat.

Cool Cut Technology

Our specially engineered Q-Drive Blade with built-in vacuum cooling cuts tile on average at 5° C to 10° C above ambient air temperature.

“This saw will be a game changer in protecting our employees from silica and efficiency in the field.”

Available Attachments

iQ 360XR Dust Control Table Saw

iQTS244 Miter Attachment

  • 610 mm cut length capacity
  • Up to 19 mm materials
  • 22.5° and 45° miter bevel cuts
  • iQ quick clamps facilitate easy setup
iQ 360XR Dust Control Table Saw

iQTS244 Extension Table

  • Cut large-format, ceramic tile of 48” or more
  • Heavy duty durable PVC board with smooth cutting surface
  • Synchronized measurement scale on each end of table for easy set up and accurate cuts
iQ 360XR Dust Containment

Vacuum Port Hose Kit

  • Easily convert your iQTS244 into a vacuum
  • Durable, construction-grade hose and nozzles made to endure years of job site use
  • Keeps your work area neat & clean
  • Convenient, eliminates the need for a separate vacuum in your workspace
How many more tarps will you lay down and water buckets will you dump in the next week, month or year? How many more hours of cleanup can you afford? Don’t waste one more hour dealing with water. Stop the pain of cutting wet with the iQTS244.

Tough and Versatile

iQ 360XR Dust Control Table Saw

Construction-Grade Toughness

We understand construction and the stress it puts on your tools. The iQTS244 is built for the demands of everyday construction and a heavy workload, it’s easy to maintain and will last for years.
  • High impact materials
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Tens of thousands of cuts in testing
iQ 360XR Dust Control Table Saw

The Versatility You Demand

As a tile pro, you need to cut a variety of materials using a myriad of cutting techniques. With a 254mm blade, full-width table and 610 mm cut capacity, the iQTS244 can handle even the trickiest and most technical tile jobs.
  • 610 mm rip cuts
  • 450 mm diagonal cuts
  • Cutting depth: 25 mm

The World’s First Dry Cut Tile Saw With Integrated Dust Control

iQTS244 Dry Cut Tile Saw with Integrated Dust Control

The iQTS244 is the world's first dry cut tile saw with integrated dust control.

  • 254 mm Tile Saw for ceramics, porcelain, marble, stone
  • Fully-Integrated Dust Collection System
  • Tested to Capture 99.5% of the Dust
  • Compact & Lightweight—Easy to Transport
  • Made of Tough High-Impact Materials
  • QuickSpin Filter for Easy Cleaning


VOLTAGE: 230 v
DIMENSIONS: 685 mm W × 711 mm H × 864 mm L
BLADE SIZE: 254 mm
SAW DIMENSIONS: 685 mm W x 711 mm H x 864 mm L



Order today! That’s thousands of cuts without a drop of water—while breathing fresh, clean air.

“I can’t wait to show my customers how I can set this saw up in their kitchen and have no fear that my cutting will effect their home."
waterless tile saw

iQ Power Tools

iQ Power Tools manufactures a comprehensive range of premium power tools with integrated dust collection systems for the concrete, masonry, hardscape and tile sectors.

The company was founded by third-generation masons Joel and Paul Guth, who have logged over 30 years each in the masonry industry. Decades of experience taught them about dust problems; their company started out creating tools to solve their own problems only to realize these same issues affected all contractors…mess, money and a threat to the health and safety of the industry.

iQ Power Tools envisions a future where their innovation helps create a 100% dust-free environment: job sites are safer, work practices are healthier, and the construction industry becomes even more sustainable.